Set The Example!

Categories: Feature 
Language: French 
Runtime: 01:27:00

Adapted from true stories.
The life of a battered young woman.
Set the Example ! Synopsis : Latifa, student in Sociology, is bullied by her older brother Ammar. He is unemployed and keep a watch on her. She dreams of a professionnal situation which can make a free and independent woman of her. She tries to find a solution to escape her brother. We think the film is suitable for the festival because it was directed by a woman, and because it is a feminist story : at first Latifa doesn't know how to escape her brother but she tries to find a way, she rebels against him even if it can be dangerous, she doesn't want to obey him. Lynda wrote the script from battered women stories. At first, it was a documentary, but as it could be dangerous for these women, Lynda decided to put all the stories in one, to show what they endured from their point of views, without showing them on screen. The fiction helped the battered women to see what it is like when someone else play their role, to realize they shouldn't stay in this situation. 
Montre l’exemple ! Un film tiré d'histoires vraies. 
Latifa Mansûr, jeune étudiante, se fait malmener par son grand frère Ammar l'ainé de la famille. Chômeur, il surveille sa sœur de près. Bien qu'étant une élève moyenne à l'université, elle rêve d'une situation professionnelle qui fera d'elle une femme libre et autonome. Tant bien que mal elle essaye d'avoir une vie normale d'étudiante. 
Information for the audience: 

Directors: Benzemrane

Writers: Benzemrane

Producers: Benzemrane

Director: Benzemrane


Screenings / Awards: 
* Sélectionné au Festival des à côtés (France) - Mai 2013 
* Sélectionné au Women Media Arts and Film Festival (Australie) - Décembre 2013
* Diffusé au Festival des à côtés (France) - Mai 2013 * Sélectionné au Women Media Arts and Film Festival (Australie) - Décembre 2013 * Diffusé au festival de la femme et du développement Mars 2014 Maroc * Diffusé le 21 Mars 2014 Projection au local de La Dionyversité * Diffusé le 5 juin 2014 à la commune d’Aligre paris
Information for theatres: 
student project: Yes
completion date: 2012-10-01
shooting format: dv
aspect ratio: 16/9
film color: Color
first-time filmmaker: No