Anima Sola

Categories: Feature
Language: Portuguese, English subtitles 
Country: Brazil 
Runtime: 01:12:00
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller


Based on the myth of the Saint Anima Sola. A young group buy a house in the city of Rio de Janeiro. They are haunted by Gestas, the unrepentant thief, who was crucified with Christ. Gestas seeks salvation through the soul of Anima Sola reincarnated in a young girl who just moved to the house. The house is haunted by spirits trapped there since before its construction. These spirits wandering along to new residents and intercede with them.
Information for the audience: 
Director: Roberto Jabor
Writer: Roberto Jabor
Producers: Roberto Jabor, Ricardo Pate
Key cast: Gabriel Canella, Isabella Dioniso, Leandro Caris
Composers: Felipe Alexandre and Guilherme Rios
Art Direction: Gabrielle Mendes
Edition: Ricardo Pate
Director of Photography: Michel de Souza
Screenings / Awards: 
Award of Best Feature Film at Directly Monthly Online Film Festival - DMOFFest - OCT Edition 2015.
Award of Recognition Foreign Feature Film at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival - HIMPFF - SEPT - 2015.
Eclipse Awards Winner at 2015 Toronto World International Film Festival.
Official Selection: 2016 Hong Kong World International Film Festival. 
Official Selection: 2016 Singapore World Internatinonal Film Festival.
Official Selection: 2015 Melbourne World International Film Festival.
Official Selection: 2015 Hollywood Sky Film Festival. 
Official Selection: 2015 Barcelona Planet Film Festival.
Official Selection: 2015 US Hollywood International Film Festival.
Official Selection: Los Angeles Cine Fest - AUG 2015.
Official Selection: Miami Independent Film Festival - AUG 2015.
Official Selction: The Online Film Festival - TOFF - OCT 2015.
Hors Concours - Openning Gala Night at 2013 1st Festcine - Brazil.
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Student project: No
Completion date: 2013-05-15
Shooting format: Digital
Aspect ratio: 16.9
Film color: Color
First-time filmmaker: No